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Core Values

Although there are many words to describe Pomeroy Lodging, we have five core values that run through every level of the company.


Our word is our foundation. We own our experiences, and believe in transparent interactions and having the courage to speak with candor to all stakeholders. Honesty in action is doing what you commit to do in the manner you commit to doing it. We believe honesty builds trust, and with trust comes the strength to accept feedback as a gift.


Quality has been and will continue to be the key to our success. We are committed to achieving excellence and upholding the highest standards in product and service. We know that we never get a second chance to make a quality first impression.


We direct energy towards strategic tasks in a relentless and focused manner. We inspire those around us by our determination to deliver results, diligence in seeking greater efficiencies, and desire to make the business better. We know how to do more with less, get the job done right the first time, and create momentum.


Winning is not about luck. It is about detailed planning and timely execution in the pursuit of sustainable security for all stakeholders. It’s about making decisions based upon the careful assessment of needs, setting priorities, and allocating limited resources. Competition is healthy, and goal setting and measuring results are essential to creating a winning culture. We strive to repeatedly outsmart and outdo the competition.


A balanced person is a motivated person, and we believe our familial foundation nurtures our relationships with all stakeholders. Relationships are rooted in trust, honesty, respect, and gratitude. One member’s success is the success of all in our family. Regardless of the roles we play, we will support each other in building the confidence and strength necessary to succeed.